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Howdy there beautiful people! This month it’s finally April, which means spring is here and its nearly my birthday! I’ll be 24 next, scary! Anyway this month I have 5 lovely Advertisers to share with you all. If you haven’t seen this post before, I usually have four monthly advertising spaces (for free) on my blog and they are available for everyone. Whether its fashion, beauty or lifestyle bloggers get in touch if you ever want to advertise on my blog for the month.

So obviously this month is April, and here are the lovely bloggers I have to share with you this month!

Amy J Walters
So firstly is the Gorgeous Amy Walters, she is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger from England. She has a bit of everything on her blog, she has so many interesting posts and her style of writing is so easy to read and you can really get a feel of her personality through when you read her posts. She also talks alot about Mental Health issues which is think it so encouraging and also very brave. Definitely go and check her out and give her a follow.

Next is the Gorgeous Lyndsay’s blog Chika. Lyndsay is actually a good friend of mine and we go way back, so its a pleasure to finally be able to show you her lovely blog. She hasn’t been doing it long so she’d appreciate your support in the early stages of her blog, we have all been there right? I certainly have! She is a lovely girl and her blogging is brilliant too, she writes posts about just about anything. She also does YouTube videos which you can see here. She is really good and so lovely, definitely check her out!

Flat Eleven

Now for the lovely Kelly from Flat Eleven, she has a lovely blog that you definitely need to check out. I love her layout, she uses WordPress too like me and it really is so well set out and unique from the rest which I love. She blogs about fashion, travel and lifestyle. She is such a lovely girl and she is definitely worth a read and a follow!

So here is Danielle, a lovely little blogger from Liverpool who you need to check out! She is such a lovely girl and her blog is so lovely too. She blogs about Beauty, Fashion and many other things too so she is definitely one to watch for sure. Check out her blog and give her a follow!

Belle Mode

Last but certainly not least is the lovely Grace from Belle Mode. Her blog is so well set out and you can tell she really works hard at it, her style reminds me a lot of my own especially when I first started. She is only young but she is such a good blogger, and I’m looking forward to seeing her grow with her blog. She talks about beauty, fashion and everything else too! Definitely give her a follow, she is so lovely!

Well thats all for this month! Hope you go and check them all out because they really deserve a follow and a read!

If you want to be on my blog for May, get in touch!


Maylash Eyelash Serum ♥

Today I wanted to tell you about a little bit of a wonder product, I was lucky enough to be contacted by the lovely people at MayBeauty a few weeks ago now. They asked me if I would like to try a new eyelash serum called Maylash, to see if it could help me. Now my eyelashes are quite long anyway and I have been complimented on them in the past. Although sometimes they tend to fall out quite easily and I end up pulling some out sometimes by accident.

I obviously jumped at the chance to try this serum, which girl doesn’t want longer, fuller and more beautiful lashes right? They showed me the video about the product and I literally could not wait to use this, when it came I was so giddy and my fiancè couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about.

Maylash Eyelash Serum

Disclaimer – I was kindly sent the product to review but all opinions are my own.

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The Beauty Scenario Tag – The Francesca Diaries

The Beauty Scenario Tag YouTube

Hello again all you beautiful ladies (and possibly gents) – today I just wanted to share with you my latest video over on my YouTube channel. I did the beauty scenario tag, I will be doing a video at least once a week and maybe more, so if you would subscribe I’d be so grateful.

If you do subscribe I’d love if you left your YouTube channel videos as I love watching them just as much as the next girl! If you want me to do any specific videos then please leave suggestions too!signature                                                         Twitter//Facebook//YouTube//Instagram//BloglovinCompany Style Blogger AwardsI’d love if you nominated me for the Style Blogger Awards for -Best Personal Style Blogger!

Favourite Spring Skincare ♥

So today I wanted to share with you my favourite skin care routine of the moment, with spring coming my skin care does change a little bit with it being nicer weather. This means my skin doesn’t need so much moisture and care any more, another reason I love spring. I can get tanned and ready for summer!

Spring Skincare Updated
Finally a little bit of sunshine! My skin is so much happier in spring and I feel much happier too which is an added bonus for sure right? The sun in shining and so is my mood, so obviously my skincare routine and products I use differs sometimes too.

As you know your skin changes as the seasons change and sometimes it needs different care, spring time skincare is my favourite because its so light and so much more caring to the skin.

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